Professional Maui Wedding Photographers and Maui Family Portraits.

  • Kristine and Jeff

    Olowalu Plantation House wedding with Kristine and Jeff, out on the jetty a little before sunset.
  • Daniel and Christopher

    Jumping for Joy in Lahaina after a beautiful gay wedding ceremony.
  • Ololwalu Plantation House

    Kristine and Jeff's elegant Maui oceanside reception.
  • Kris and Jeff Tie the knot.

    Beautiful Oceanfront Olowalu Plantation House Wedding.
  • Daniel and Christopher

    Sunset in Lahaina, Maui.
  • Brandon and Amanda's Maui Wedding ceremony

    The couple take a break after the wedding ceremony to appreciate each other.
  • Kimo blows the conch.

    Celebrating the union of Daniel and Christopher on the shores of Lahaina, Maui
  • Bliss

    Love and Marriage on Maui at the Olowalu Plantation House.
  • Black and White Maui Wedding Photography

    Brandon takes a moment to appreciate his lovely bride.
  • Angella &
    Andy Lorance

    "We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pictures!

    They are everything we hoped for and more!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!"

  • Kristine at Olowalu

    "Joe, you amazing!!!! Thank you so much for everything!"
  • Amanda and Brandon's Maui Wedding Photography

    Getting ready for a romantic beach wedding.
  • Daniel and Christopher

    Sharing a Maui Wedding moment on Baby Beach in Lahaina.
  • Maui Beach Wedding Couple

    A perfect, intimate Maui Beach Wedding on the North Shore
  • Kristine and Jeff at the cocnut grove, Olowalu Plantation.

    Another beautiful evening at Olowalu Plantation House.
  • Kira & Katy

    The images you showed us were beautiful! Thanks for all the great work.
  • Hedieh & Brian

    Thanks for the wonderful work! We would recommend you for anyone's maui photographer.
  • Carol & Ed

    Thanks for all your hard work, the images are gorgeous.
  • Kira & Katy

    Reverend Diana blowing the conch to announce the civil union of Kira and Katy on Maui in a beautiful private setting in Makena
  • Bruce and Jen

    Dennis Blowing the Conch to announce the couple. Maui wedding photographers like Joe D'Alessandro are blessed to have opportunities like these!
  • Yanitsa on the beach at Kapalua

    Love is in the air on this beautiful Maui beach!
  • WooHoo!

    Jump for joy at your Maui wedding.
  • Mindy & Bill

    A very romantic afternoon and wonderful photography...
  • Maui Bouquet

    Custom Bouquets from Maui's top floral designer are available for ALL our lucky couples.
  • Makena Cove Beach Wedding Couple

    Our Maui Wedding Photos are beautiful! It was the perfect day.
  • Kisses!

    The girls fooling around during the photo session. We are there to capture all the moments.
  • Yanitsa

    Black and White and Sepia Toned Images are available with every photography package. Fully Retouched, Full Reproduction Rights.
  • Keawakapu Lawn Wedding

    ...Rolling green lawn alongside the ocean at Keawakapu, what a great location!
  • Wedding Gowns in Motion

    A romantic North Shore Maui wedding.
  • Kira & Katy

    Reverend Diana performing her beautiful Civil Union Ceremony on Maui at one of our premier private venues.
  • Mahalo,

    "Thank you soo much!!!

    The pictures are WONDERFUL and AMAZING!!!

    I love them so much!!!

  • Wiiliam and Mariel

    Thanks you for the creativity and humor!!
  • Brandy & Nick

    What a gorgeous bouquet...
  • Jessica & Bill

    Thanks for letting us trash the dress, that was fun...
  • Brandy & Nick

    The beach was so beautiful...
  • Lily and Roger

    Fabulous pics, we can't stop looking at them!!
  • Ingrid and Juergen

    Mahalo! The images were everything we hoped they'd be.
  • Rachel and Matthew

    Ring details in the hotel
  • Mahalo,

    “We got the photos last Friday and they look amazing! 

    You did such a great job capturing everything so perfectly. 

    We can’t stop looking at them.”

  • Thanks!

    “We got the photos last Friday and they look amazing! 

    You did such a great job capturing everything so perfectly. 

    We can’t stop lookingat them.”

  • Dennis announces the Marriage

    Our North Shore Maui couple has been Maui'd!
  • Rachel and Matthew

    Ring detail in one of Della's beautiful custom bouquets
  • Circle of Flowers for a Maui Beach Wedding in Makena.

    Makena Cove (secret cove) on Maui with a circle of flowers and Rev. Dennis.
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Professional Maui wedding photographer

Joe D’Alessandro combines 23 years of photographic excellence with an intimate knowledge of Hawaii to create a timeless, contemporary and artistic representation of your Maui wedding. Our photojournalistic style combined with “posed candids” and formal portraits, captures the essence and beauty of your Maui wedding day in a clean, editorial style.

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We use a “team” approach when it comes to our weddings. Joe’s assistant, who is a photographer in her own right, accompanies Joe on all our weddings. We will use off camera remote strobes, reflectors and scrims to create a magazine look. When we do our extensive Maui wedding edit, we fill in hot spots on the face, remove glare from sweat, adjust the image and add subtle yet effective photoshop effects to create an exceptional finished product.

Our Maui wedding photography packages include ALL the high resolution digital images from your wedding along with a selection of photographer chosen fully edited images and unlimited royalty free reproduction rights. This means you own the digital negatives, at no extra charge, and can print your wedding images at any photo lab around the world.

For romantic Maui weddings, we can create custom digital montage wedding albums with fine grain leather covers. The images are printed directly onto a stiff substrate creating a modern and archival album that you will enjoy for years to come. We have been designing these albums for years and will apply the same creativity to the album design that we give to the photography.

Our slideshow DVD’s combine contemporary Hawaiian Music with a select number of images from your Maui Wedding. These slideshows run on your HD video system in widescreen format and are a great way to share your Maui Wedding with friends and family on the big screen. These slideshows cost only $150.00 and can be added to any package. We also give you the option of choosing the 2 songs you would like to hear as your Maui Wedding soundtrack.

This is your wedding day. We treat each couple as if their wedding is the only one we shoot each year. We get to know our clients through the course of the day and become comfortable with one another to allow the spontaneity, joy and light to shine through to your Maui Wedding images.

Our custom edits are included in all of our Maui wedding packages. These meticulous edits insure that color, contrast saturation and cropping are optimal for a perfect print. We remove unsightly distraction from the background where possible and add subtle photoshop effects to some of the images. Black and white as well as sepia toning are also performed on a small selection. All of this is included in the package price.

For a sample of our photography from real Maui weddings, click on the “Real Weddings” link. Our extensive Maui Photography portfolio is continuously updated with images from recent celebrations. We also have a wedding gallery which features still images and DVD slideshows from our recent weddings. All of the people in these images are regular folks, no models were used in any of our wedding imagery. Our blog follows the work we have been doing through the years and includes straight as well as gay weddings, ruminations on the Maui wedding scene and various observations.


15 June,2012