Kihei vacation rental condominium photography

There are many vacation rentals in Kihei from private luxury estates to studio condos looking over the ocean. We have shot most of them at one time or another. Kihei is always sunny and warm, the beaches are spectacular and the food trucks parked everywhere nearby are excellent. We have been shooting these condos for years and understand the complexities and challenges of each one. We bring color corrected lights with us to avoid those crazy colors we see on VRBO and other Maui vacation rental marketing websites. This particular unit is at Kamaole Sands in Kihei just across the street from Kam 1. We photographed this one last year but the owners remodeled and needed new imagery. Repeat business is the highest compliment!

Every room in every condo has its challenges and we are adept at overcoming them. We bring our color corrected lights to every shoot to reduce the weird color orange color bend we see from incandescent lights on so many websites. Tables get set and we raid your wine fridge if you have one to dress up the lanai table. If your images are muddy or shot from your i-phone at i-level you would be doing yourself a favor by increasing your bookings with a professional photo shoot. Potential clients are clicking through Maui vacation rental websites at a frenzied pace, you need dynamic imagery to get them to slow down and look.

Eyeballs = Money.

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Kihei Vacation Rental Photogrphers