Couple's wedding portrait session in Makena, maui

Professional Photography in Maui, Hawai'i.

Maui has spectacular coastlines and copious beach access points many of which are known only to a few of us who make a living from the beaches whether it's shooting weddings, taking out dive tours, or fishing for dinner. All of us have a deep abiding love for these special places and we take pride in showing our clients these special places. We spend only an hour or so in these places and only leave our footprints behind. If this is the kind of reverence you have for the island of Maui then Joe D'Alessandro Photography is available for a professional photography session with you and your fiance, spouse, or family. We have been doing professional photography in Maui and the mainland since 1986 and are now exclusively Maui based since 2005.

What many potential clients don't realize about Maui is how she changes throughout the day and year.

Mornings on Maui are generally brilliant blue affairs with light puffy clouds here and there are saturated colors, from the deep reds of Kahoolawe as seen from Malkena to the cerulean blue hues that jump at you from the sky and the sea. There's usually no wind or a light refreshing breeze and most of the secluded beaches are devoid of people. These attributes make mornings a perfect time to schedule your portrait session or elopement ceremony. Since most of my clients are from the mainland and Canada, 8am here can still feel like noon to these intrepid travelers.

Fun fact: Almost all of the beaches we use for portraits and weddings face west! That's where the resorts are located and unless you're in Hana or on the North Shore, you can watch a spectacular sunset sink into the Pacific ocean from a beach near you. Of course, if I'm doing a shoot with you the sunset will sink behind you because I will be using it as a spectacular backdrop to the final images of your photography session. These late afternoon sessions and ceremonies find the beaches a little more crowded, there may be more clouds and wind than a morning session but the payoff is the sunset which can be counted on more than 90% of the time (this is NOT a guarantee).

I understand that things are a little strange right now, October of 2021. Dinner reservations are hard to get but there's tons of really good food trucks here. There's virtually no traffic. It feels like the late 80's around here when my morning commute from Kula to Lahaina only took 50 minutes. That will change fast so book your trip now! Soon! Before business as usual complicates things. Don't forget to call us to capture your memories forever. 808-385-2247.


Wedding couple exchanging vows in Maui
Makena Cove elopement ceremony