Aloha and welcome to our commercial photography portfolio. Over the course of so many years on Maui and Santa Fe NM we have been privileged to create lasting memories for thousands of people and marketing touchstones for many businesses. Our imagery falls in many categories not just weddings. We have done commercial work for numerous clients shooting luxury homes, Kaanapali condominiums, resorts, restaurants and real estate properties. We've reproduced the artwork of artists like Georgia O'keeffe, Chihuly, and others in large format and digital for catalogs and marketing. We have done family portrait sessions on Maui beaches, PGA tournaments, Ironman triathalons... We even got shots of Huey Lewis at the Tournament of champions back in the 80's (my age is showing!). The point is, my work is influenced and informed by many different experiences, environments and aesthetics. I always strive to bring those experiences to our assignments whether it's a family portrait session in Lahaina, a beach wedding in Wailea, or a luxury home shoot in Kapalua. No matter what we're shooting, we always bring our best eye and creativity to every project.



Real Estate / Vacation Rentals

Images that highlight both your ocean views and indoor spaces are what attract clients to your listings either on VRBO, MLS, or any other site. HDR is an affordable and dynamic way to attract the attention of your potential clients. We have been shooting HDR for years with various management companies and independent owners all over Maui. We offer quick turn times and flexible availability. If you have multiple units we offer a 10% discount...


Architecture and Interior Design Photography

Photography for designers is heavily dependent on details and color matching, textures and placement. A typical home usually has a lot of light sources; windows that face north bringing a blue hue into the interior. Windows that face a beautiful row of Arica palms throwing greens shades all over the off white walls. Maybe there's a hedge of red Hibiscus just out side the living room window. Then there's the interior lighting. A professional...

Table top commercial photography: Strawberries and espresso. Maui

Restaurants and Cuisine

The image gallery below is from a few restaurant shoots we have done here on Maui. The restaurant business is very competitive and professional imagery to build your brand is important. A plate of schnitzle can look very unappealing when chef uploads to facebook from his greasy i-phone! The last thing you want to do is turn people off and a thousand words isn't enough make up for a bad picture. Fortunately you can call us with your menu plans...