Architecture and Interior Design Photography

Photography for designers is heavily dependent on details and color matching, textures and placement. A typical home usually has a lot of light sources; windows that face north bringing a blue hue into the interior. Windows that face a beautiful row of Arica palms throwing greens shades all over the off white walls. Maybe there's a hedge of red Hibiscus just out side the living room window. Then there's the interior lighting. A professional designer will understand about light temperature, so will a professional photographer. Those can lights made by different manufacturers give off different colors. Fluorescents are green, incandescent yellow, some bulbs are reddish, and of course we have the lamp shades and the furniture. It used to be that all incandescent bulbs had a color temperature around 3200º but with the advent of new lighting technology that is no longer the case. All of this multi colored light is really too much for photo shop to accurately represent with HDR software. The answer is to light the scene with a predictable, repeatable daylight balanced light source. We are experts at using these lighting systems. It takes some set-up time and tweaking but our client can follow these adjustments via our tethered laptop and give input to us. Adjoining room will also need to be lit if they are seen in the shot. A black hole in the corner of your design is a huge no-no. The lana'i should be lit, especially if your room flows outside to create a cohesive living space.

The difference between our real estate photography packages and our design photography packages is that HDR can reproduce interiors well enough for an MLS or VRBO listing unless the real estate in question is a luxury designer home where the color matching and detail reproduction is integral to the marketing plan or brand. With our design photography packages we drag a few hundred pounds of equipment around which requires time, and we balance the lights for a natural look, which requires skill and experience (and a fair amount of patience). Having been lighting scenes since 1986 for an independent film maker in Manhattan, I have acquired both the skills and experience necessary to produce the high quality imagery our designer clients demand. The images below are a small sample of the work we've done for interior designers, builders, architects and luxury vacation home rental owners. If you are considering a professional shoot to build your brand please call us for a consultation. 1-808-385-2247.


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