Elka and Andrew

Hailing from Jersey, Andrew decided that the wind and snow wasn't going to cut it for his elopement ceremony to Elka. Maui was the place to go so he called us to set it up. We hit it off right away. being a native of N.Y,C. and finding out Andrew was from Jersey I asked him right off: "what exit"? You gotta be from there to get it! Anyway, we set them up at baby Beach in Lahaina town with a relaxing and chill elopement ceremony with photography for a reasonable price. They were thrilled. Elka couldn't believe how beautiful the beach was, the breeze blowing, the warm water lapping at her feet, and even the laughing children, just off camera (or photo shopped out!) who experienced their impromptu elopement ceremony on a beautiful sunny day on Maui. Check out the short video below and see what's possible for your winter romance.

Life is short. Get Maui'd